System performance

Servlet started:2021-10-13 23:12:50
Up time:10 days, 3 hours, 50 minutes, 23 seconds
Active threads:39
Java free memory:5.7 MB out of 53.3 MB total memory (371.2 MB max limit)
System load:0.45 over 1 processors

Overall pool performance

Processes starting up:0
Processes in use:0
Total number of processes started:8969

Running versions

Pool performance - 2017121800

Ready processes in the pool:6
Total processes started:8969
Current demand estimate:8.13216048929323E-5 Hz
Current start-up time estimate:99 ms
Recent start-up times:105 ms 98 ms 99 ms 99 ms 97 ms
Recent request times:09:58:29 13:01:13 14:39:46 14:44:27 15:13:26

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Run the low-level health-check

Pool configuration - 2017121800

Maxima command-line:/opt/maximapool/2017121800/maxima-optimised
File to load:/opt/maximapool/2017121800/maximalocal.mac
Started test string:Maxima restarted
Loaded test string:"/opt/maximapool/2017121800/maximalocal.mac"
File handling:On
File paths template:maxima_tempdir: "%WORK-DIR%/"$ IMAGE_DIR: "%OUTPUT-DIR%/"$ URL_BASE: "%PLOT-URL-BASE%"$
Startup time limit:10000 ms
Execution extra time limit:30000 ms
Process life time limit:600000 ms
Initial estimate for the process startup time:2000 ms
Initial estimate for demand:0.1 Hz

Test form

Overall pool configuration

Root directory:/opt/maximapool
Min pool size:5
Max pool size:15
Limit on number of processes starting up:4
Maintenance cycle time:500 ms
Number of data points for averages:5
Pool size safety multiplier:3.0

Non-running versions

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